Beginners Guide to Online Casino Gambling

Mini Online Casino Gambling FAQ

Introduction to Online Gambling.

Online Casino Gambling has become immensely popular over the last number of years. A simple search on any major search engine will quickly indicate this with the abundance of results given when searching for something like "Online Gambling".

Our aim therefore with this page is not to convince you of the merits of Gambling Online. Our aim in providing you with this information is to give you the opportunity to read all the information and after that make an informed choice.

An informed gambler is a happy gambler, and true to out motto - Serious About Gambling, the more serious you are, the more information you will need.

Why should I gamble online?

There are a number of practical reasons to gamble online.

No need to travel to a land based casino. The cost of petrol / fuel alone these days could almost cover your gambling for the evening.
Deposit Bonus Cash Incentives give you more value for your money from the casinos. This is not the case when playing at a land based casino.
An Internet connection is all that is required for you to play 24x7x365.
Downloading the software and registering will not cost you a single cent. You can download the software, install it and play for free without having to make a cash deposit. This gives you the ideal opportunity to try you the casino and their games, free of change.
When you feel you are ready make your deposit, collect your deposit bonus and start to play for real cash.

How do I get started?

Firstly, you must be 18 years or older to start playing.
Secondly, please ensure that Online Gambling is legal from your state and / or country.
You will require an Internet Connection, an email address for registering and a credit card.
Decide on whether to play for fun initially or play for real cash. If you want to play just for fun find a casino that allow you to do that. We will indicate this in our Casino Review pages for you.
Review all the online casinos, decide on the online casino that appeals to you and then download their software. The alternative if you do not want to install software on your machine for whatever reason is to pick a casino that offers a no-download version. This means you can still gamble but without having to download and install software.

Should you wish to download the casino software, follow the steps outlined below

Click on the banner of the casino you decide upon. The casino link will open in a new browser window, and normally you will be prompted to download and install the software. Either click on "Yes" when prompted to download the software, or look for the "Download" option on the casino website. This is normally quite prominently displayed for you.
When you download the software, you will be prompted to select the download directory where to save the file to. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on the .exe file to start the installation of the casino software.
The software will start downloading the Casino Gambling software to your PC at this point. Wait patiently until the download has been completed.
After downloading all the files, the software will prompt you about the installation location. The default directory indicated is normally unused by other software so you can just click on Install or OK, depending on the software.
Once the installation has been completed, you will be prompted to register. The registration process is quite straightforward and normally does not ask you for any credit card information or anything like that. You will be prompted for your name, surname, telephone number, email address and probably the currency in which you wish to gamble.
Note that you need to supply a valid email address. The casino will send you an unlock code that you will need in order to unlock the casino software and continue playing. The email normally also contains very vital information on support options and contact information for the casino should you require help at any point.

Almost all casinos have generous cash bonus offers when you deposit money. However, note that these deposit bonus offers come with terms and conditions.

For example, you have to make the second deposit within 1 month of the initial first deposit etc. They normally also give you the bonus but prevent you from making an immediate cashout upon receiving it.

You may have to play for a certain amount of time or a certain amount of what is referred to as playthrough. Beware of this prior to starting and always check out all the casino terms and conditions.

How do I obtain help if and when required?

We only affiliate with well established casinos that give both us and our players support when needed.
All the casinos listed here have excellent support facilities for their customers. You will find all the contact information and methods on the online casino main website. Support is normally clearly indicated under the "Contact" or "Support" sections.

Contact methods typically include toll free telephone numbers, email support, fax number for faxing information to them and in some cases there is even an online chat facility for real-time support.

How can I cash out when I am done gambling?

You may choose to leave the money in your casino account at the gambling casino until the next time you choose to play.
Should you decide to cash out and withdraw your money, look for the "Cashier" option the online casino screen and then select the "Withdrawal".
Choose the option of how you would like to receive your money and follow the instructions given on the site.

To obtain the quickest results, follow our simple 3 step program to start experiencing the thrill of Online Gambling.

Step 1: Plan and then choose your gambling game of interest.

Plan Your Gambling Budget. Set an online gambling budget for yourself and stick to your budget. Gamble with your head, not your heart.
Choose the online gambling game you would like to play. Decide on which casino game interests you most of you have the most experience with.
Obtain as much information as you possibly can on that specific game. Obtain books, do internet searches, read as much as you can to educate yourself about that game. An informed gambler is a happy gambler.
To assist you, here are some helpful search terms to get you started with.
Casino gambling free books
Gambling tutorials online
Online gambling books

Step 2: Choose your online gambling casino.

Choosing a casino is not always easy. Things to consider are the following:
a) Is this a reputable casino?
b) Do they offer the currency I want to gamble in?
c) Do they offer a deposit method that is comfortable to me?
d) Do they offer the games that I want to play?
e) If I want to make use of a no download feature, do they offer that facility?
f) Should I win and wish to cash out, what is their payout policy and methods?

Step 3: Download, deposit and play.

Once you find your casino click on any of the casino banners spread over our site, download their software and try it out. Make sure it all works before you deposit your funds. Remember, almost all casinos offer a play for fun option which means you get to "try it before you buy it". Make the best use of it.

Once you have decided on your online gambling casino and tried the software deposit your funds using one of the available deposit methods which you have decided on. 

You should now be in an ideal position to start gambling. The very best of 1AHA luck to you. May you soon experience the thrill of exclaiming "AHA, I won !!!!!"